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Blue Nile Consulting Services

At Blue Nile Consulting our goal is to help you gain concise clarity about your products, services, message and help you cement your position within your marketplace and anchor your relationship with your customers through innovation, delivery and repetitive success.

Strategy & Marketing Services

"Jane, you make the best cookies, you should open a bakery!". Should you put your entire life savings into a cookie business, milnary shop, or a pet grooming salon? Perhaps or perhaps not.

At Blue Nile Consulting we work with you from conception to creation to make sure every step you take is informed, supported and logical. Start your exploratory journey with us to make sure your money, and especially your time are well spent when embarking on your next entrepreneurial journey.

Already in business and looking for key insights into your marketplace, competition and brand traction? Our in-depth Competitive Analysis on the local, regional or national level might be just what you need. Our Strategic Marketing Plans are custom tailored to your company needs and history helping you to determine where you, where you need to be and how to pivot fast, with clarity, confidence and knowledge. 

  • In-depth Product Evaluation
  • Marketplace Evaluation
  • Competitive Analysis
  • Strategic Marketing Plan
  • Social Media Strategy: Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Reddit
    Learn more about the above services here

Design Services

Your brand is your calling card, your invitation to the dance and it is usually the first touch point customers have with your company. Make your brand stand out from the start. With a look and feel that matches your company drive & message.

  • Logo & Brand Design
  • Packaging Design
  • Food Styling & Photography
  • Product Photography
  • Adobe PhotoShop Photo Editing
  • Marketing Materials: brochures, business cards, mailers, flyers, posters & menus



Blue Nile Designs

website design​ services

  • Brochure Website (1-5 pgs)
  • In-depth Informational Website (5-10 pgs)
  • eCommerce (<100 skus)
  • eCommerce (100-300 skus)
  • eCommerce (500+ skus)

Special Events & Presentations

Looking for a fresh, out-of-the-box design plan to maximize your event theme or fundraising goals? We bring innovative ideas and execution to the table. Need hands-on product demonstration skills to connect prospective customers with your live brand experience? We can provide that.

  • Event Design & Decor Consulting
  • Event Menu Development
  • Catering Consulting

SEO: Search Engine Optimization​

It's not enough to have beautiful products and a stunning website. Without targeted traffic it's all just another site filled with pretty pages. Don't just build a great site, get it found by your ideal customers, from day 1 with Search Engine Optimization.

We partner with companies that provide you with the best in customized, local SEO & Analytics to. If you don't know where your traffic is coming from how can you determine where your company is heading to?

Research & Development Services

Creating new products and services or growing a per-existing product line can be a challenging task filled with multifaceted layers of decision making that can go wrong if not done correctly.  Having a knowledgeable partner on hand that can take a non-emotional and critical look at your operations to help tailor your production goals to align with your capabilities can save you time, frustration and money.

  • Menu Development
  • Food & Beverage Product Development
  • Bath & Beauty Product Development
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