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Read here for a more in-depth description of our services

More information about our services to help you decide what tools we can best serve you with. Whether you run a small one-person shop or a multi-employee company our offerings will be tailored to your specific business needs utilizing out Floww Marketing philosophy to help you move forward.

In-depth Product Evaluations

Ideal for the new entrepreneur that is considering taking a homemade product and entering it into the mass production marketplace.

This one-on-one services dives deep into product taste, texture appearance, packaging, shelf stability, longevity and production feasibility allowing you to get down to the finer points of moving into the mainstream with your product. We help you ask the tough questions to help keep costly mistakes to a minimum.

Competitive Analysis

Get the lay of the land: Locally, Regionally & Nationally

We offer three tiers of Competitive Analysis (CA) work tailored to your growth needs and reach.
Your CA evaluates a competitor's web site, brand, Unique Value Proposition (UVP), company ethos/mission, social media reach and most importantly their products and how they are similar or different than your own. This invaluable information helps feed your Strategic Marketing Plan.

Local: Let's you know who within your city and State are offering competitive service or products.


Regional: Gives you input into competitors within your specified region, often covering multiple states and key cities.

National: The "Big Picture" that often helps to pick out smaller, potentially disruptive competitors that can gain fast traction and growth through grass roots and guerrilla marketing.

Marketplace Evaluations

When connsidering the launch of a new product or service it pays to research your place within your vertical for health and longevity.

"It seemed like a good idea at the time" is a phrase we here often. When deciding to put new eggs into your basket it pays to know if there's room in the basket or if the basket has a whole ready for you to sink endless time and resources into but leaving you with little return. We do the tough research to help save you the pain of making a poor decision.

Strategic Marketing Plans

Every long journey needs a road map and the more detailed your map the greater your chance of arriving at your intended destination.

With your detailed and succinct Competitive Analysis in hand your Strategic Marketing Plan (SMP) starts to take shape. It's the apex where your knowledge of the marketplace and your quarterly or annual business goals meet with concise action plans to help you reach those goals as efficiently as possible. We strive to make your SMP as robust as possible to help support you in your marketing efforts. Whether you use it as a stand-alone document or as a part of your business plan it's an invaluable marketing tool to have on hand and refer to on a regular basis.



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