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"Logan is amazing and gave me the honest truth about the quality of my product, it's marketability and helped me decide if my small food business could grow and be self-sustaining. She pushed me in all the ways I needed, especially when it came to evaluating if I was actually making money or if I was just spending all of my free time on a very expensive hobby​" - KS, Seattle Baker

Every food business starts in someone's home kitchen, but only the successful ones ever leave it.

You've got an idea, all of your friends and family say it'll be the "next great food trend" and you've been itching to jump right now. But fear and lack of knowledge are holding you back. You need The Cooking Collective.

The Cooking Collective provides you with a safe, supportive environment in which to talk shop with other budding food entrepreneurs like yourself. Some have already launched products and some are just thinking about it and everyone needs more help.

The Cooking Collective meets weekly for 3 hours across 4 consecutive weeks and gives the group 12 combined hours of in-depth time to talk about current goals, successes, road blocks plus a chance to get feedback from your peers as well as knowledge from a food professional with 27 years in the business. We work as a group to brainstorm on marketing, packaging design and even critique each others' products. There's really no limit to what we can talk about when it comes to moving you forward.

The Cooking Collective Benefits
  • Work Directly with Logan Niles; known for her culinary creativity, out-of-the-box thinking and passion for a fraction of what one-on-one consulting would cost.

  • Small Group Setting: 4 students max per class allows you time to ask your most important questions and get instant, actionable feedback.

  • Get Great Feedback and Support: no more wondering if you're making the right decisions or bothering your spouse with questions they can't answer.

  • You Take Action! weekly class notes are emailed out the next day including "Next Steps" action plans to help keep momentum up.

  • Access to Logan's Industry Connections: her knowledge is yours and she'll part with it freely to help you reach your goals.

  • Candid Evaluation: if your product or idea won't cut the mustard you'll find out why and learn ways to improve it before you invest your life savings.

  • Snacks and refreshments provided.


Save Big: 12 hours of one-on-one consulting would normally run you $1,020. But the Cooking Collective puts the power of group learning at your disposal for the remarkable price of just $699 (just $58 an hour)
You've read this far and you're already thinking "I need this. Where do I sign up?".


Next Collective starts in Feb. (Exact date tbd)  

Space is limited to 4 student per group and is filled on a first come, first serve basis.


Have questions or need private consulting instead? 
Call or click here to email us for answers.
  • If you're ready to advance your business to the next level join us for just $699
  • Or use our installment plan with 4 easy payments at less than $175 a week!
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