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How it all began

Blue Nile Consulting, a boutique consulting firm specializing in the food industry and beyond.


When I started Blue Nile Consulting in 2007 it was a side project to my existing catering company, Blue Nile Catering. I found I was being increasingly sought out by more catering peers for advice on everything from decor to recipes to marketing. At the time it was a small venture that allowed me to share knowledge in a way that helped my peers, technically my "competition", while also helping expand my own knowledge base. It was then that I realized that the term "competition" didn't really apply. Instead it was a flawed way of viewing peers within the same vertical; peers that could teach as well as challenge us.

Ultimately I came to realize that every business owner, and their company, was incredibly unique. Even if on the surface their products and services appeared to be identical. The driving force, the personalities, actions and intentions of a company's team makes it a unique entity with it's own complex ecosystem of strengths and weaknesses. Even if it's a team of one. Instead of dealing with, and worrying about, the similarities between competitive companies I highlight and strengthen the uniqueness of the organizations I work with. Helping them flow within the stream they have already created versus raging against the crashing waves of their competitors.

When the tide shifts it's best to relax and work with it. This allows you to save your strength and resources to create a shift in the marketplace that will be long lasting instead of panicked and fleeting. I call this Floww Marketing.

Over the years I've been very fortunate to have taken the many skills and passions that I've developed, the knowledge I've compiled (ongoing as ever) and woven it all into a net that both supports BNC's clients while launching them towards even higher levels of personal/professional clarity and achievement.

As a business owner I know how hard it is to keep a business running day after day while trying to keep it healthy and profitable year after year. My mission is to help alleviate that strain whenever possible while providing building blocks, tools and tips for consistent growth.

Thank you for partnering with me on that journey,

Logan Niles, Founder

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